VDP stands for Variable Data Printing. When you are doing a mailing or if you want customized postcards, cards with special codes or you want to personalize marketing letters, VDP is the way to go. Variable data printing utilizes software to insert any type of information (whether variable text or variable images) from your database or mailing list into the content of your printed marketing material. VDP or variable data printing is a great way to personalize your marketing materials and enhance your response rates.


Postcards, newsletters, catalogs and more can all be enhanced with VDP! A typical bulk mailing is known as a


“static” mailing because everyone on your mailing list gets the exact same postcard. When you use variable data printing technology, each of your recipients gets a personalized piece with their special interest, name or incentive. The recipients of VDP marketing materials should be quite impressed with the effort put into the personalized, professional materials used for advertising your company. If you need to offer different incentive levels or messages to various clients, you can just build it into your database and we can print it.  The obvious results will be reflected in your return on investment (or ROI).


Studies have shown that variable data increases response rates on marketing materials by 20% or more! Whether you’re using direct mail or handing out materials face to face, using variable data to personalize your printed materials will put you ahead of the competition.


We know how difficult it can be to design a print ready file. When submitting your file to our pre-press staff, full color pages should be in CMYK format, images should be at least 300dpi, and should have a minimum 1/8″ bleed.  Databases for VDP should be well-formatted and designed for best results. Random code generators can be used for VDP projects when individual numbering is needed.


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