Pricing is based on receiving high-resolution, print-ready PDF files, including bleed and crop marks (if required) and embedded fonts.


Native files (such as InDesign) are acceptable; however, they must be properly collected and include fonts and images (linked, not imbedded), which may incur additional prep/conversion costs. 


PowerPoint, Publisher, Word and Excel files are created from programs not intended for high-end printing and are, therefore, limited in their reproduction capabilities and results are unpredictable. Converting these file types to print-ready PDFs will also incur additional prep/conversion costs.


Prep time beyond initial set up will be charged at $65.00 per hr.


This additional “prep” includes, but is not limited to: design of project; correcting poor or low resolution images, color correcting images, adding bleed when none is provided in supplied file, typesetting/type corrections, spot color/PMS matching, reformatting/resizing, etc. and will be discussed and approved prior to proceeding with project.


If one-off, printed proofs are not requested, PCG will not be held responsible for any color inconsistencies – based on PDF proofing alone.  PDF proofing is subjective, based on color calibrations of different computer monitors, and cannot be held accountable for actual color differences on printed materials.  One-off printed proofs (if requested) are charged as additional cost – determined per job.


All services are taxable unless and until an appropriate tax-exemption certificate is provided.


Pricing is valid for 30 days and may be subject to modification if the job specifications do not conform to the information provided at the time of original estimate (ie, special packing, shrink wrapping not originally requested, etc.).


Pricing is typically based on normal 48-hour turnaround (from proof approval, not from receipt of files).  Faster turnaround, not accounted for in initial quotation, may incur additional 10% “rush” charge.


Payment is due Net 30 Days unless other payment terms are agreed upon prior to acceptance of job.  Payments received after agreed-upon due date may incur additional 1.5% late fee.


All mailings require postage funds to be provided in advance of mailing – made payable to US Postmaster.  PCG does not front postage.


Shipping/delivery is by “end of business day” unless a specific time or service is requested in advance.


There is no charge for local deliveries (19460 area); deliveries to distances greater than 20 miles from PCG will be charged additionally per job.


PCG will “blind” ship materials using customer’s UPS or FedEx account, which will incur a $5.00 handling fee.


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