First, we need your print ready digital files.  There are several ways to accomplish this.

  1. Upload your file using our contact page.

  2. Files up to 20 MB can be emailed to

  3. Larger files can be sent via or or Drop Box,

  4. If you have a link to an FTP d/l, we can receive your files from your FTP.


After we receive your files, we need to know the following:


Quantity to print – for some reason, many new orders omit this important piece of information more often than you can imagine.


Paper to use – If you are not familiar with paper types or weights, we can help determine the weight and finish of paper to use for your project.  Many times, design and/or end use will help determine the appropriate paper to be used (for example, keeping the weight for a mailing piece down to a lighter-weight stock to reduce postage costs).


Production time – Production times vary based on the job and generally ranges from 1 to 2 working days for most orders. However, some orders, requiring extensive finishing (wire-o binding or drilling, for example), may take longer.  Specific turnaround will be discussed when an order is placed.


Payment – Once the details of your job have been worked out, we will need payment in advance unless you have filled out a credit application and have been approved for net billing.  Our customer service department will contact you.  We accept most major credit cards, cash and checks.


Mailing – On every Presorted mailing order we remove duplicate listings, CASS Certify your list and run it through NCOA (National Change of Address) processing. This allows us to identify and remove “undeliverable” or questionable addresses, thereby saving on returned mail and wasted postage.


To additionally “clean up” your database (and eliminate as much returned mail as possible), any vacant addresses and addresses with missing unit, apartment or suite numbers will also be removed from the final, sorted database. . . . to ensure that it is as “deliverable” as possible.  Our sorting software is routinely updated with the most current addressing info provided by our mailing software provider.


You may use Print City Graphics’ presort mailing permit for free when we process your mail, or use your own mail permit if it is issued in the surrounding area.


We are able to mail from our location using our presort mail permits. Mailing permits are tied to local USPS offices and may only be used in the locality where they are issued. If you’d like us to address your material and make it available for you to pick up or ship it to you, you could use your own permit and mail it from the USPS office that services your permit location.


Postage is an additional cost (beyond the cost of printing and mail shop services) and must be provided prior to any mailing delivering to the post office.  The actual, final postage cost will be provided immediately upon completion of the postal sort.


Acceptable List Formats


The best file formats to send us for your mailing list are either Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx) or a tab or comma delimited (.csv) file.  Give us a call if your list is in a different format to be sure we can use it. If you need help, we can assist you to get your address list into a file format that we can use.


Once your list is prepared, you can email it to us at:

The minimum required fields are:   Name, Address1, City, State, Zip.


Optional fields might be:   Title, Business Name, Address2, Dept., etc.


For mail pieces being inserted into window envelopes, there may be a limit to the number of address lines that can be included – in order for all information to show through the window, including the all-important barcode, for successful mailing.



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